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Stand Up Against Over-sexualization of Teenage Girls

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This is a petition against the high school administrators, who condone the sexualization and objectification of the bodies of young female high school students by enforcing the school dress code. We stand up against the restrictions placed on us by the idea of us being the provokers, when in fact we are victims of society’s over-sexualization of our bodies.

We propose that it is not our responsibility or fault for how others look at us. As a matter of fact, boys and especially grown adult men or women should not see girls exposing their legs and shoulders as sexual. If they do, it is their problem and not ours.

If they believe that boys will truly get distracted by the scandalous exposure of our legs, we encourage the administrators to simply ask boy’s about their opinions. We guarantee that no boys will agree that girls wearing shorts are distracting. They could care less about it. The accusation boys not being able to control their “urges” is also an insult to them, since that implies that that they have no self-control comparable to wild animals. Furthermore, placing this blame on us supports the idea that we are responsible for any assault and unwanted attention, because we are “asking for it” by wearing our summer clothes.

Girls wears shorts because it's hot, if that was not already obvious. For us to be pulled aside and even get sent home for our attire is a waste of not only our time but also yours. Additionally, shorts that goes down out mid thigh and to our knees are hard to find in popular clothing stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Abercrombie & Fitch. They have gone out of style, and we should not be forced to go hunt for them for the sake of the school’s unreasonable dress code.

This proposition is not to say we want to show off our buttocks, we merely strive to be able to wear what is appropriate for the hot weather.

We hope that the sheer number of people made up of parents, students, and other adults who agree with our stance will open your eyes on how unjust, irrational, and sexist the current dress code is.


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