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Put my picture on the values wall in's SF office


Today I asked Designer Lauren Adams if I, too, could have my photo on the famous values wall. She said "No, you don't work here."

Don't work here!? I've worked like a dog for years. I try my best to live our values. I travel to SF almost every month. Sometimes the flights are late, and sometimes they run out of the Turkey sandwich and I have to each stale crackers for like 6 hours. I suffer, and it's hard. 

Why should the values wall be reserved for the privileged few who happen to work in the SF office? We allow dogs on the values wall, but not frolleagues from other offices? Wouldn't it be better to accurately reflect our global family.

Do the right thing Lauren. Show some love. Show some understanding... Then send me your decision maker response. 

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  • Designer,
    Lauren P. Adams
  • President and COO
    Jen Dulski
  • Office Manager,
    Frank Gonzalez

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