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Hazardous Duty Retirement for Laurel Co. Sheriff's Deputies

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It's fundamentally important that we support those who serve us. The deputies of the Laurel County Sheriff's Office protect and serve the citizens of Laurel County 24/7/365. Their lives are at risk each time they report for duty. These gentleman practice service above self, never knowing if they will return home to the families that love them so much. Several of these Sheriff's Deputies don't have a benefit that is available to them at the Fiscal Courts discretion. HAZARDOUS DUTY RETIREMENT. We owe this to those men and women who put their lives on the line daily keeping us safe from evil. Adding this benefit will likely help with retention of trained veteran deputies in the department, which is a great asset for our wonderful county. As a career police dispatcher, I can tell you the horrors we witness in law enforcement are not even close to what you read in the papers. The atrocities we witness are forever embedded into our minds. They serve as a constant reminder, that in your darkest hour, we will be your guiding light. I am challenging each member of the Laurel county fiscal court to work together and help provide hazardous duty retirement to the guardians of Laurel County. #backtheblue

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