Aspergers syndrome, adult over 25 acknowledgement/support.

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By supporting this petition you will be supporting me in trying to find the support and independence I need to better my life an begin to have professional help that the autistic spectrum does not really seem to have. Despite my condition, which I was diagnosed with at 14, i have never had a key worker, housing support or proper medication. I am 31, a vulnerable adult, living in a tent. Doctors won't prescribe the only medication that helps the most, the mental health team said they cannot help me. I ring the doctord, 111, 101, 999 out of desperation during meltdowns, but never receive help. Just an ear to talk to. The council dont take any consideration that I'm vulnerable an have said they won't house me. All I need is a small bit of help and housing. I don't expect things to just be given to me but at least expect to go to a doctor for help. Or the mental health team. Autism was first mentioned in 1908. It's 2018 now! I am also denied seeing my 2 children  because of my condition,  and people's ignorance an lack of empathy to try to understand. I have no t seen them for a year an a half now.  Because at the moment, what constitutes a crisis? What constitutes a vulnerable person? no one seems to be able to tell me the answer. I just need some help.