Hwy 6 North out of Control

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We destperetly need the area of #6 hwy north from Mountberg Rd to Carlisle Rd, be sanctioned a community safety zone and a reduction of the posted speed limit from 80 mph to 60 kph

This morning I witnessed an extreamly close call between a south bound transport truck overspeeding and a school bus turning on Noble Kirk dr. Yesterday a transport truck came within inchs of rear ending a car turning right from hwy 6 onto Safari Rd. The driverwho was in the left lane who also saw this became so enraged that she got in front of the truck and slowed to 85 kph forcing the truck to slow down. The trucker was then enraged and tailgated her blowing his air horn off and on all the way to the #5 and#6Intersection. This is unacceptable. 

Our yards are rendered unusable due to noise levels in excess of 70 decibels. This is untallerable and our children have to play in front of our house or on the street. Not to mention the dangers associated with speeds in excess of 95 kph allowed by policeenforcement. It is well known that if you set your cruise control 102 mph the police will not bother you. 

As to engine breaking, the trucks I hear each day are using engine breaking to slow down for cars turning onto or off the hwy or driving the speed limit and not to mitigate any emergency breaking. Trucks are simply overspeeding. 

I invite you to read the following. 

Compression-release ("Jake") braking, a form of engine braking used almost exclusively on diesel engines, produces extreme amounts of noise pollution if there is no muffler on the intake manifold of the engine. Anecdotally, it sounds similar to a jackhammer, however the loudness is between 10 and 20 times the sound pressure level of a jackhammer (10 to 13 dB greater). Numerous cities, municipalities, states, and provinces have banned the use of unmuffled compression brakes, which are typically only legal in roads away from populations. In Australia, traffic enforcement cameras are currently being tested that automatically photograph heavy use engine breaking. 

This is a health and safety problem. 

Our community is at a higher risk of high blood pressure, higher rate of cancer, higher incidences of heart attacks due to stressors caused by noise and air pollution and a much higher rate of dementia. 

Our driveways are 50 feet from this road and our back fences 30 feet from the road. Decreasing the speed limit to 60 kph increases the drive time from hwy 401 to hwy 5 by four and a half minutes. How does this hardship to drivers compare to the hardships weathered by our residents. Lowering the speed limit for the area of Freelton is half that. 

It is my greatest wish to resolve this matter in an agreeable matter. However, I am prepared to do what it takes to bring this matter to light and to the media. 


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