Lauralynn's Law: protect unborn children who are victims of vehicular homicide in PA

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Brandyn S. Boyd was 39 weeks pregnant when she was hit and killed by a drunk driver on May 27, 2015. Her unborn daughter, Lauralynn, died on impact. The man who killed them is being punished under Title 75, the vehicular code for one count of vehicular homicide. He is being punished for the death of Brandyn ONLY. Under Title 75 there is currently no legislation to protect our daughter's life. The Fetal Homicide Law only applies to crimes committed under the crimes code, Title 18, in PA. We are looking to get, what we are calling "Lauralynn's Law", passed so as to have the fetal homicide law or one similar put into place in the vehicular code in order to protect unborn full term children that could be victims of similar crimes where the perpetrators are being punished under Title 75 rather than Title 18. We would love justice for our Lauralynn but we know that we cannot get justice for our sweet baby Lauralynn. What we can do is we can try to pass a law under Title 75 to protect other unborn children who may be put in this same situation. Please sign and share for support of our sweet angel who was taken from us. Thank you.