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Stop the Liberty Utilities' Deal

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The State of NH has decided to award Liberty Utilities one outrageously lucrative deal! Out-of-state fossil fuels will replace Concord Steam's in-state bio-fuel.

The price tag for the state’s plan to switch from bio-fuel steam heat to natural (fracked) gas for 28 of our state buildings impacted by Concord Steam’s closing will be $12-14 million for the Concord School District, $25 million for the conversion of NH state buildings, plus conversion costs for Main St. Concord businesses, local churches, the City of Concord's municipal buildings and residents.The price tag continues to grow.

Many in the public would like to know how this decision was made. There has been a Technical Session, a Public Hearing and Legislative Task Force meetings which occurred only after the decision had already been made, but the public was \shut out of the decision making process.

Green City Power, a company that focuses on renewables, had negotiated an agreement to purchase Concord Steam in December 2015, invest $20 million to modernize it into a high efficiency cogeneration steam plant with virtually no pollution and repair its leaky steam pipes. Costing less, it would provide heat in winter and electricity in summer. It would support NH’s economy using in-state North Country forest debris to power the plant. The fuel would be harvested, trucked and processed by in-state workers, rather than supporting out-of-state jobs and profits for the fracked gas industry. There would be:

• no need to purchase gas boilers
• no disruption
• no environmental harm
• Zero conversion cost for taxpayers

We are disturbed by the decision making process. It was not in any way been open and transparent. Comparing the cost of natural gas to the cost of delivered steam while ignoring the costs of the infrastructure to support the gas conversions is like comparing apples and pickles. We the taxpayers who will be paying for this conversion should have been duly notified well ahead of the forcing of this decision.

Are obfuscation and secrecy the "new" New Hampshire way? This decision furthers NH's dependence on fossil fuel, which contradicts NH's long term energy plan. Please tell our State Government that we do not agree with this extremely expensive and backwards decision by signing this petition.

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