The RIGHT Operating Room Renovation for Lake of the Woods District Hospital

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September 22, 2016
Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health

Dear Dr. Hoskins,
I work as a Family Physician and Anaesthetist in Kenora, Ontario. As you know we are the largest City in Northwestern Ontario outside of Thunder Bay. Unlike any other town in Northwestern Ontario we are closer to Winnipeg than Thunder Bay, yet as part of the Northwest LHIN we are directed to use Thunder Bay as our hub, and often places in Southern Ontario that are further from us than Calgary, Alberta. Patient transfers to Thunder Bay and beyond probably cost you millions of dollars.
The Canada Health Act does not limit access to care based on provincial boundaries the way care is currently limited to the residents in the Kenora region.
Ethically there are only two choices moving forward. a) Establish the services in Kenora to make it a proper secondary referral centre for patients in the region, including expanded programs in surgery, medicine, paediatrics, obstetrics and psychiatry or b) assist in providing our region with a bilateral agreement with Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, University of Manitoba Medical School and Manitoba specialists so that we may plan for regional healthcare together with our neighbour. (When our population triples in the summertime it is because of seasonal residents from Manitoba.)
While many of these administrative issues may be sorted out over time, there is one important change that may cost us all tens of millions of dollars if we are not careful — Operating Room renovations at Lake of the Woods District Hospital.

These are significantly underfunded by the MInistry of Health, and as a result we will be establishing infrastructure that only maintains the available number of operating rooms.  There will be limited potential for more surgeons to come and work in Kenora. There will be limited potential for itinerant surgeons to come and work here from Winnipeg. There simply won't be room - even if we have funding for increased services.  

Once the OR renovation is completed there there will be virtually no opportunity for infrastructure expansion in the next decade(s), due to the location of the renovation. 

Our Hospital deserves better. 
Our community deserves better!
Please stop the current plan, and appropriately fund Lake of the Woods Hospital for a proper Operating Room Renovations to expand to 4 operating rooms.

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