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Do NOT legalize shark finning in COSTA RICA!


  • Sharks are the top predators of the ocean food chain. This means they regulate the marine populations.
  • Sharks only consume sick and injured prey. This helps regulate the ocean's ecosystems and helps it get rid of illnesses that can harm an entire population.
  • Sharks have been described as vicious predators who will harm anything or anyone in various movies. However, they are friendly and can easily live with other fish, mammals and marine animals without harming them. Most aquariums keep sharks with other live marine animals.
  • There is scientific evidence that proves that sharks lived about 450 million years ago. This means they were roaming the ocean before dinosaurs set foot on land.Sharks can replace their teeth in approximately 9 days.
  • They loose over 30,000 teeth during their lifespan.
  • Shark populations are vulnerable and critically endangered of facing extinction because of overfishing and shark finning. 


  • Shark finning is the process of cutting off the fin from the shark and throwing its entire body back to the water.This means less than 5% of the entire shark is consumed and the rest has no economic value so its not used at all.
  • The global shark fin trade business has a net work of $540 million and is increasing as shark populations decrease and become extinct.
  • Shark finning is increasing due to the demand of shark fin soup-a tasteless soup that represents "wealth" in many Asian communities including China.
  • 70 to 100 million sharks are slaughtered every year just in shark finning.
  • Shark finning is exploiting the ocean's biodiversity leading most shark species to borderline extinction. 

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