Revoke paedophile John Wayne Millwood's Launceston City Council Heritage Prize

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Convicted paedophile John Wayne Millwood of Launceston was awarded the Launceston City Council Heritage Prize 2009. We want the Council to revoke it.

The prize was awarded to Millwood in the residential category for the renovation of his property on St John Street, Launceston. 

On 2 November, 2016 Millwood pleaded guilty to charges relating to sexually abusing a 10 year old boy persistently over 6 years. Further charges of aggravated sexual assault and indecent assault of a second boy were adjourned. On 7 December, 2016 Millwood was sentenced to 4 years jail. The judge described him as predatory.

A spokesperson for the victims wrote to the Launceston City Council proposing that the Council revoke Millwood's Heritage Prize in order to unequivocally demonstrate that the City has zero tolerance for paedophiles.

The Launceston City Council refused. See the Examiner's story on the issue:

The Aldermen wrote to the victims on 6 December: "The Strategic Policy and Planning Committee met yesterday and the Aldermen discussed the City of Launceston Heritage Prize in a closed session. It was decided that although Council does certainly not condone the actions of the individual; the award is not being one attributable to the personal characteristics of the individual but rather to a building restoration work. It was mutually decided by Aldermen that the City of Launceston would not rescind the 2009 Heritage Award."

This is not acceptable. The building did not win the award. The building did not accept the award. The building did not use the award as a platform for self promotion. John Millwood did. And John Millwood is a convicted paedophile.

When a community fails to respond appropriately to child sexual abuse it not only fails its children, it becomes complicit in protecting a paedophile. It sends the wrong message to the victims of abuse and to our community.

Please join us in sending a clear message to Launceston Mayor van Zettman and the Aldermen that our city has zero tolerance for child abuse:

We the undersigned ask Launceston City Council to revoke convicted paedophile John Wayne Millwood's Heritage Prize 2009.

Further details on the case:

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