Pay it forward

Pay it forward

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Grace Johnson started this petition to Lauderdale County Schools

1.) Democracy over the temperature in the classrooms.
-It’s hard to focus if you’re freezing/ sweating to death. There should be a google form we fill out, either each day or once a week and the majority choice of reasonable choices should be what the temperature is set to.

2.) Sell/use TVs and spend money on something more useful.
-Those TVs were bought quite a while ago and rarely get used. There is no reason we should have multiple TVs when the boys don’t even have proper dividers between the urinals.

3.) Look into getting vending machines in the high school for more convenience.
-Multiple schools such as Rogers and Wilson have vending machines instead of snack stores. While it is understandable for the younger children to help keep up with all of it; but for the high school students, it’s extremely inconvenient having to walk all the way to the junior high and stand in lines resulting in us being late.

4.) Students of the month to motivate students to do well.
-Most students, especially in high school, are getting tired of the repetitive, boring life that comes with going to school. We do the same thing every day with almost no change. If we were to have some type of unbiased contest and reward (not based on popularity or social class ) every month, maybe people would feel encouraged to show out, and make the most out of their high school experience, while also maybe even raising some people's self-esteem.

5.) Either make hats allowed or make ears, collars, tails, claws, or any unneeded accessories only allowed on Fridays with a sticker.

6.) More privacy for the boys’ bathrooms.

7.) Have a teacher of the month to motivate teachers to continue to make school fun/enjoyable and help recognize those that do.

8.) Listen to students’ opinions on most projects or modifications to the school, to at least be considered on simple things such as decorations (we have to deal with it too.)

9.) Get a chalk wall for students to be able to have a voice without the pressure of having to speak out

10.) More reasonable and equal dress code.

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