Lauderdale County AL Animal Welfare

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Copper’s Law

This petition is about the need for a leash and tether law with proper enforcement in Lauderdale County AL.
On Wednesday March 14, 2018 our 6 pound Yorkie named Copper was viciously attacked and mauled to death in our front yard by two large dogs from our neighborhood. These dogs each weighing over 60 lbs each were being kept in a fenced yard but they routinely were able to get free and roam the neighborhood. Our little Yorkie was the most gentle dog and never had a chance against these killer dogs who killed Copper in a few seconds before we or he knew what was happening.
Continued negligence on the part of the owner(s) of these dangerous dogs and allowing them to continually break free from their confinement with no repercussions ultimately caused our baby to pay with his life. These killer dogs went back to their makeshift confinement while our Copper went to be cremated and forever leaving a hole in our hearts.
There needs to be a law in Lauderdale County that provides legal implications to owners of dangerous dogs who fail to keep them properly leashed and/or confined to prevent tragedies like this from happening again.
Another issue is the way some dogs are kept on a tether with no room to exercise or have proper shelter from the elements. There is another dog in our neighborhood who is tethered outside and has to survive the subfreezing temperatures from this Winter as well as inadequate shelter from the rain and other extreme conditions.

Please sign our petition to present to Lauderdale County officials to show our concern, and that failure to pass a law that will provide legal recourse to victims and punishment to violators is unacceptable.
Help be a voice to help get a law will allow these issues to be reported and resolved and ultimately help protect our children and pets.
In loving memory of our precious Copper we ask you to sign this petition and provide Name and Address to help support our cause. Thank You!