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Latons Lions Club holds their annual Easter event, "Barnyard Scramble," for children in their community. Baby bunnies, piglets, calves, lambs, and chicks are put into an arena with no escape, hiding place, or defense while children frantically chase them around. After the event, children who caught an animal take them home as prizes! Each year, plenty of animals are taken home and often die due to neglection and lack of proper care. 

This annual event is sending the message that animals should be treated as toys, to be used only when interested, which is completely wrong! Animals are needed to be taken care of daily because they have needs just like humans do.

Is this really how Easter should be celebrated? Help put an end to this! Encourage Latons Lions Club to stop this horrible event! 

Letter to
Latons Lions Club Kellet Medico
Latons Lions Club Manuel Dias
Latons Lions Club Eddie Garcia
I've recently learned that your organization holds an annual "Barnyard Scramble" event during Easter.

Please stop hosting this event because it sends the wrong message to children about these innocent creatures. As prizes to children, this shows that they should only "use" or "play" with the animals whenever they want to, treating them as some kind of toy. Like humans, animals have daily needs that need to be met.

People, specifically parents, don't realize the huge responsibility it takes to take care of the animals, leading to attempts of finding them another home or neglecting them.

There are many other fun alternatives for children to celebrate Easter, chasing small animals isn't one.

Please stop your annual "Barnyard Scramble" event!

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