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Latinos are among those most affected by poor air quality. Currently, 68% of Latino families live in one of the nine Colorado counties that exceed federal limits for lung-damaging ozone pollution, also known as smog. Latino families in Colorado know that it’s important to reduce this pollution if we want to keep our families healthy and protect future generations from the effects of climate change. 

Right now, as Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission considers measures to cut dangerous pollution from oil and gas operations, Latinos need to make our voices heard if we want these clean air safeguards to be put in place.  If you want cleaner air in Colorado, sign our petition now!

Letter to
Colorado Governor
Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) of Colorado
Colorado air quality is negatively affected by the 51,700 wells and other oil and gas facilities throughout the state. Many are near our schools, libraries and homes, and are affecting the health of Colorado families.

Asthma sickened 322,000 adults and 105,000 children in Colorado in 2011, based on government reporting. Poor air quality was also responsible for 4,300 hospital visits for asthma in 2011, with an average of more than $19,600 for each stay.

I support the proposed air quality rules regulating dangerous climate changing methane gas emissions and air toxins that form ozone from oil and gas operations. Please uphold these strong statewide rules in order to protect the health and the economy of Colorado communities and families.

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