Porque hace 25 años que no viene por estas tierras y hay muchísimos fans que nunca lo pudieron ver en vivo y no tienen recursos para viajar a otros paises o continentes para hacerlo.

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Bruce Springsteen, their representatives, and entertainment companies.
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“Greetings from Argentina” is a Latin American fan club, passionate about the music of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. In these first months of existence, we have observed, with great joy and happiness, the growing membership of many people, who h...ave found in ” Greetings” a place of consolidation and shared dreams.
One of those dreams, alive and vibrant, is to see Bruce & the E Street Band in our own "Latin American badlands," a dream that we have kept alive for 25 years now – i.e. since his last show here in 1988.
That is why this campaign's adherents make this solemn and emotional plea begging Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band to organize a tour of Latin America, and have at least one presentation in Argentina and other Latin American countries.
The music of Bruce and the E Street Band has been a vital part of the lives of many fans in this part of the world over the decades – a feeling that will not be complete until we can see the band live, in the place where we were born, singing to the people we grew up with.
This is the sentiment of many thousands of fans who have never seen him and do not want to leave this world without enjoying a concert of Bruce and The E Street Band, but yet do not have the resources and means to go to other countries and continents to attend a performance..
In this way, we join in this common yearning, this common dream to see the Boss in Argentina and the rest of Latin America, at least once in our lives, become a reality.
We pray that our request reaches the right people and that they can realize our dream.

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