Create direct flight from Dublin to Brazil

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We undersigned, members of the Brazilian community living in Ireland request the creation of direct flights linking Ireland to Brazil.

As you may or may not know, the Brazilian community flying to Brazil doesn't  have the choice but to fly to other countries in Europe making a already long trip even longer. Not to mention the prices we need to pay for the tickets because there are not direct flights available. 

There is an urgent and huge demand for such service, and we don't quite understand why there is no interest from Brazilian and Irish companies to link this destination. Every year many students come to Ireland to study and improve their English not to mention the increasing tourism between these two countries. 

We Pledge to collect at least 10.000 signatures in favor of such action, hoping that Brazilians and Irish Companies will step forward and create a direct flight for us. 

If Brazil or Ireland is your destination please sign the petition and leave a brief comment on why you are signing, remember that your comments will be read and taken under consideration.

Thank you