Put up ACs in classrooms

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I am a student of DPS-Bopal, Ahmedabad. This petition is for something I strongly believe should be provided in any private school - an AC. In India, the heat is severe, there is a lot of humidity and a lot of students in one classroom. The months from April to August see a lot of high temperatures and this makes it very difficult for us students to study or barely even sit in a place for more than 15-20 minutes.

We spend 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, the least we could get is one AC per classroom. Our parents pay a lot each year and the way the school uses this money is not being used for the school's development, obviously. The amount we pay can afford two ACs minimum.

Not only the students but the teachers, too, have to toil in the heat and deal with the stress of correcting papers, finishing syllabi and more. Not only us, but the teachers too should have the opportunity to teach in a better and more co-operating environment.

Anyone and everyone reading this, please do support me for this cause. It's something we really need to open our eyes to. This is a truth parents need to be aware about and students to participate in.