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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver : Please Cover FERC on Your Show!


UPDATE: This issue has become even more important after Trump's election as his energy policies and abysmal cabinet appointments have enabled free reign for fossil fuel companies.

We, the undersigned, strongly feel LWT should cover the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and how it consistently approves natural gas projects in the US despite how these projects affect people and the environment. To quote one of our supporters: "FERC is a joke, and it belongs on Comedy Central."

FERC's background includes eminent domain abuses, massive conflicts of interest with 3rd party contractors, faulty/incomplete review processes, horrific gas compressor/pipeline/storage siting, and millions of US residents with no legal way to fight for their property or health because FERC always has the last word... the last word influenced and funded by the very fossil fuel industries FERC is supposed to be regulating.

People across the country are fighting back, and locally in Massachusetts, Karenna Gore was arrested July 1, 2016 in West Roxbury protesting at the site of a Spectra Energy natural gas pipeline being constructed right next to an ACTIVE quarry. FERC has presented no opposition to this dangerous siting. Among the other projects: a gas compressor proposed for the most heavily populated and smallest area ever proposed in the USA, a site that includes nearby explosive heavy industry, 1,000's landowners and 100’s of businesses. FERC has presented no opposition to this dangerous siting either.

FERC is the benevolent parent to fossil fuel companies, approving ever more dangerous projects. That’s FERC’d up.

John Oliver and Last Week Tonight, please cover FERC. The show is uniquely suited to present this complicated and corrupt issue. Lives are literally depending on it. Thank you!

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