In December 2011, I had to move on a very short notice and at the time I was unable to take my beagle, Rudy with me. A new no kill animal shelter that had opened just a few blocks away agreed to board her for me until I could get a family friend to care for her. I went to the shelter frequently to drop off dog food, money, material donations and to visit my dog. After discussing my situation with my landlord he added Rudy to my lease. Shortly after notifying the shelter I would be picking Rudy up, I was assured that she would be there when I went to pick her up. I later found out she was adopted out to another family the very next day! For two years now, I've been trying to get her back and now asking for help in getting Rudy back home where she belongs. Rudy is my dog and friend, she has been much loved family pet since she was 10 weeks old. The shelter where she was being boarded has refused to tell me the whereabouts of my dog claiming I surrendered her when I did not sign such an agreement. All emails and demand letters requesting a copy of whatever paperwork the shelter is said to have on file have been ignored. Rudy means a lot to me, since she's been gone I've been depressed to the point where I have a doctor’s note and was given a prescription for anti-depressants that I would prefer not to take. I’ve also had quite a few nightmares and cried till my eyes turned red. All I want is to have my beagle Rudy back and nothing else. I'm sure she misses me just as much as I miss her.

Letter to
Little Friends Foundation
Little Friends Foundation

For over two years, a family in Las Vegas has been trying to get their beagle, Rudy back after she was adopted out from your shelter without their permission.

You claim to have documentation that the dog had been surrendered but all requests for a copy have been ignored.

Rudy is a friendly and good natured beagle who came from a loving home. She has been greatly missed for over a year.

All her owners want is their dog back, nothing else.

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