Pass the Tim Tebow Bill

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Currently, home school students in Texas may not participate in University Interscholastic League (UIL) activities even though parents pay property taxes that go to fund the schools. The Tim Tebow bill, which is being proposed in the Texas Legislature this year, would fix this discrimination and allow home schoolers to try out for UIL activities.

  The majority of states in the country have legislation like this, and it has proved very beneficial, and not at all detrimental, for home schoolers across the nation.   This is especially beneficial for many rural home school families who would greatly benefit from UIL participation, but also for any home schoolers in the state who wanted to participate in UIL extracurricular programs.   Home school families ought to be free to participate in a program that is funded by home schoolers' taxpayer dollars.   If you want to support equal access for home schoolers, sign this petition, and call your state representative and senator regularly to tell them that this matters to you! The only way we'll get this passed is if we, the people, make our voice heard! Go here to find out who represents you, and how to contact them:"