Disable auto-correction in Google searches.

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Google has made us lazy.  43% of all typing performed while browsing the web involves the use of Google's search engine.  The auto-correction feature allows users to make numerous typing mistakes while still being rewarded with correctly-interpreted search results.  Auto-correction gives less incentive for the user to type correctly and carefully, thus over time making a user, by habit, less and less apt at typing.  By boycotting the use of Google and its services, we can make a difference.  We can take back our skills and aptitude.  We can make ourselves less dependent on automated technology.  We can learn to live in the moment.  Boycott Google.


Feedback from our supporters:

"Bing is actually comparable now to Google.  People don't realize it."
          - Chark Moi, Petition Supporter (Name obfuscated to conceal identity)


"boyct goog.l. aallt=dawayyy"
          - Henry Liu, Petition Supporter and Auto-Correct Victim


On the usefulness of Auto-Correct:
" when your searching for jobos beach and it gives you beach jobs instead?"
          - Sara, Petition Supporter, Auto-Correct Victim


CASE IN POINT: One of our supporters, Leena Bui, had her OWN NAME incorrectly auto-corrected to "Lena," AS she was signing this very petition!  We are starting to see even more negative results of Google's auto-correct feature.  It is not just limited to search queries, but ANYTHING typed within the Google Chrome Browser.  Please support our cause!

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