Help the GIRLS of NHP get the proper Softball Field they deserve in the Village!

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We, the parents of the New Hyde Park Little League, residents of the Village of New Hyde Park and members of the community demand that the Mayor and Village Board convert one of the three Village baseball fields into a proper softball field for use by all the girls of New Hyde Park Little League and Travel Softball Clubs.

It is wrong that there are currently no softball fields for the girls of NHP to play a proper game on while there are three (3) baseball fields.  Softball can be played on a baseball field, but this is incorrect and can lead to accidents and injury to the girls.  A proper girls' softball field consists of a dirt "skinned" infield instead of the grass infield we know of when boys and professionals play baseball.  In addition, there is NO raised mound to pitch from as in baseball.  Pitching is done from a flat surface with a circle drawn caulk perimeter to designate the mound.

The field at Memorial Park was once such field, with a dirt infield where girls could play softball within the limits of the Village of New Hyde Park, WITH ONE EXCEPTION; someone installed a raised mound which negates it as a softball field! The simplest and best approach here would be to remove the raised mound from this ball field and the girls would have their softball field!  The park also has bathrooms for these young ladies to use and a covered dugout for both teams.  In the past, teams from other Towns and Villages have refused to play our girls on a baseball field or a dirt field with a mound; teams are competitive and expect a proper softball field.

 On Tuesday April 17th, 2018, we the parents of the NHP Little League went to Village Hall to bring this matter FORMALLY to the Mayor and Town Board.  Various parents had been having these conversations with the President of the Little League for 4-6 years on and off and now, we needed to Village to step in to help us do what is right, after all, the VILLAGE OWNS THE FIELDS that the Little League uses via permit.  The manager of the oldest girls' team had been communicating with the deputy-mayor for a month prior, yet the board insisted that last night was the first time they had heard of the issue. 

 The Mayor and the board did not seem to understand the frustration of the parents and players sitting and standing in the packed Village Hall board room.  They, on many occasions asked us why we couldn't play at Tully, a Town of North Hempstead owned softball field that caters to the ENTIRE TOWN and any adult league that is first come first serve, or to recommend Averill Park which is owned by the Town of Hempstead and is in Elmont, bathroom facilities are far from the softball field and also, the Little League does not have permits for the softball field, only the baseball field.  The main concern of the Deputy Mayor seemed to be not to disrupt the boys' playing schedule if they were to give us the dirt field at Memorial, which she repeated more than three times.  This infuriated the parents attending.

The New Hyde Park Little League is refusing to do what is right, the Mayor and the Board are defensive and find excuses to send the girls out of the Village to find a field.  Please sign this petition to tell both the Little League and the Mayor and his Board that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, it is time to give the girls of New Hyde Park a proper softball field where they can play, learn and improve in their chosen sport and have a home to host proper games and proudly hang their multiple District Championship banners that they have won for their Village and community of New Hyde Park, the latest ones being 2017! The Little League and Village need to stop discriminating against our champion girls and start supporting them!

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