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Let Us Tent

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 Last week, the Line Monitors called an extended period of grace in response to instructions from Larry Moneta and Student Health. Even though this year’s flu season has been bad, it’s no reason to shutter such an important part of the Duke experience for this long. When fewer people are in the tent beginning this Friday, the risk of the flu should decrease.

Every student who participates in tenting CHOSE to tent. We knew and accepted the risk weeks ago. We still do. Duke students tent to build relationships, to show our pride, and most importantly support our team. It’s a tradition we know will continue past our time because there will always be Crazies.

Sign this petition to show Larry Moneta that we WANT to be in K-Ville. Tenting is an important part of why we’re the best fan base in college basketball, and we aren’t the Cameron Crazies if we aren’t a little bit crazy in the process.

If you’re really passionate about this, send a brief video (15 seconds or fewer) of yourself to explaining why K-Ville matters to you.

TL;DR – Repopulate K-Ville, there’s a greater risk of the flu at Shooters anyways. GTHC

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