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Approve Don's claim of cancer drug Xeloda under his prescription benefit

Approve Don Pampena's claim for Xeloda to fight his rare cancer!

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CEO of CVS Caremark, GA Larry Merlo
Commissioner Safety, Fire, Insurance of GA Ralph Hudgens
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Larry Merlo CVS Caremark,GA; Ralph Hudgens, of GASafety/Fire/Insurance to approve Don's claim of cancer drug Xeloda under his prescription benefit

My husband of 17 years, Don Pampena, is battling a rare form of cancer that has metastasized in his body. Recent tests have shown that the first round of chemotherapy did not address the cancer that moved to his lung near his bronchial tube and esophagus area. His doctors feel confident that a cocktail of chemotherapy (Gemzar) and the drug Xeloda (a pill form of chemotherapy), coupled with his physical and mental strength, could treat his cancer and give him the remission he so greatly needs.

But his insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield, has denied the claim for the Xeloda treatment....twice. The reason they’re stating for denial is that Xeloda is used for other types of cancer and has not been proven to work for his type of cancer. The problem with that is, since my husband’s cancer is a rare one, there’s not much data ON his type of cancer so they do not know what will work and what will not work. Also, this is a rare form of cancer that unfortunately seems to be increasing slowly in the USA (estimated 1,570 cases/yr in 2012). We believe that trying the chemo and the Xeloda mix will help Don. Don's oncologist, as well as another oncologist at the Hillman Center (second opinion), recommend this treatment for his cancer and have been urging the insurance companies along with us, to pay for it. Curing Don with this drug will provide helpful information on this type of cancer that could save other lives too! BC/BS could be in the foreground for a breakthrough on something that could work…if they’d only approve the treatment!

Time is running out for Don to have a fighting chance to watch his two sons, Cory (pictured above with Don) and Cameron, grow up. Xeloda is an expensive drug so we’ve been told. Don has had a steady job and has paid his insurance premiums for 11 years, but BCBS won't approve the critical treatment that he needs and that his doctors are recommending. This has to stop now. Don deserves a chance to live and BCBS must approve his treatment.

Don is keeping a FANTASTIC attitude and AMAZING perseverance through all of this. He wishes what every father wishes…to watch his sons grow up, graduate high school/college, and watch them grow into their lives as adults. Sons need their dads. Please help us to make this a possibility for my sons’ dad.

Tell BCBS that they need to pay for the Xeloda treatment that Don needs. Please sign this petition to support Don in his fight. Thank you.

Stephanie Pampena

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