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The people of Sebastopol and Sonoma County care about the illegal and unethical business practices of J P Morgan CHASE and CVS /Pharmacy. The people care about sitting in gridlock traffic that will delay ambulance response time near our hospital.

Armstrong Development, inc. has helped these corporations bully and coerce their way into the center of our downtown just as they have done in many other small towns across America.

Please join us in telling J P Morgan CHASE and CVS that you don't share their values and you don't want them invading our pedestrian friendly downtown Sebastopol, and downtowns all over America, with their drive-thru windows and big corporate morals.


Occupy Sebastopol


Letter to
Sacramento Armstrong development
CVS Caremark Larry J. Merlo
I am writing to tell you that I won't be using my extracare card anymore. I am also boycotting your store and telling all my friends to do the same. I am asking you to withdraw your application and discontinue your plans to relocate to downtown Sebastopol, California.

You hired Armstrong Development , Inc. to come to my small downtown and bully your way into the heart of our city with no regard for the negative impact you'll have. We are a pedestrian friendly small city of 7,000 people with a retro shopping area. Your drive-thru corporate box store doesn't fit in and will gridlock traffic and delay response time for emergency vehicles near our hospital.

You already have a location at the North end of our town in a strip mall.
I am asking you to stay there.
I will boycott CVS until you withdraw your application and stay put. I will boycott the new store too if you build it.



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