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Higher Pay for CVS Pharmacy Employees

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Pharmacy Technicians at CVS's (Maryland in particular) are not being paid fair hourly wages. As a one of the top 5 vacation areas of America, we are constantly busy, rushed, argued with, and held to extremely high standards. Standards of which are sometimes impossible to reach given the high volume of customers we recieve.

We as pharmacy technicians, need AT LEAST $15.00/hour to compensate for our dedicated, detailed, and diligent hard work at all times in the pharmacy.

Keeping quality techs Pharmacy tech turnover is probably the most often cited argument for increased wages. The theory is that higher wages would increase the likelihood of pharmacy technicians staying at their jobs, thereby decreasing the amount of time pharmacists or lead technicians need to spend training new, inexperienced techs.

By retaining experienced employees, advocates of higher tech pay say, pharmacists would also improve customer service and safety, as high-quality technicians with years of experience are more likely to be skilled at handling the rudest customers and less likely to make potentially life-threatening mistakes.

Compared to Walgreens, we make an average of $5.00/hour less than them. There may be MORE walgreens in the US, but CVS fills MORE prescriptions, than Walgreens nationwide. How they afford to pay their employees more? That I do not understand. Maybe their CEO is a little more "little-man conscientious" than you.

Let's make this argument personal for a second; Take my story for example. I am a nursing student, working full-time at CVS Pharmacy. After taxes, I make roughly, (this is what I max out at) $600 bi-weekly. That's $1,200 a month. You take $350 a month for car insurance, $200 a month for health insurance, $500 a month for rent, and $30 a week for gas to and from school and work, that leaves me with $70 a month for food and other unexpected expenses.

Now imagine if this was someone else with the same expenses, PLUS a child to raise, or maybe just more expensive payments than me. They would be drowning in debt.

While you are having a blast being a multi-millionaire, we are here working for your pharmacies, worrying how we will get by living paycheck to paycheck, trying to get ahead, trying to go to school, trying to simply stay afloat with costs of daily living.

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