State clemency

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     My brother, Harold Morris (Junior) has been convicted and sentenced to 40 years in Maryland state prison for selling marijuana. He will serve the mandatory minimum of 20 years (no parole) before he is released. He has been accused of being a Kingpin. Kingpins are dangerous leaders of a drug operation (such as El Chapo).

    My brothers case is extremely rare because anyone who has been accused of Kingpin is usually charged federally. Because there is always transporting/trafficking involved. Which he was found not guilty of. 

     The federal authority’s did investigate his case and chose not to charge him.  So the state decided to keep the kingpin charge against him. There was no witnesses, confidential informants, undercover police, or anyone who was apart of this “drug operation” to identify him as the leader of this operation. Not a single other person was arrested related to his case other than his girlfriend. There were no weapons, considering he’s a dangerous kingpin. There was literally no evidence making him this.

    Junior doesn’t deserve (nor does anyone) to spend the rest of his young life in prison for a non violent crime. For something that he was convicted of based on “assumptions”. When this trial started 2 years ago, he completely turned his life around. He knew he couldn’t change what happened but he did his absolute best to change the things in his life that could be changed.

     Junior is an outstanding father of four children, who he has full custody of.  He and his children served God in their church faithfully every Sunday, where they have been saved and baptized. There he became a leader of his church and has inspired and gave hope to so many people. he would pray loudly, thanking god and praying for everyone, instead of himself.

     He has spent the last two years doing so much for his church and his community. Such as coaching youth baseball for his youngest sons team. Any extra time he has was spent with his children. He couldn’t wait to get home and have fun with them. Junior also is he supervisor at his HVAC job and is known to be the best employee in the company. He used his skills to repair the broken air conditioning system in the church. He would do this every night after working his regular job. Sometimes he wouldn’t get home until midnight or later. He did all this free of charge. He did all this because that’s who he is. He is a selfless, kind and inspirational person and father. He has been focused on being the best person he can be, the person he truly is.

    So many were so sure that god would save him from this nightmare that he’s living right now. But we are so confused and unsure of why this is happening to him.  Nearly 20 people wrote letters to the judge describing the person who he really is and all he has done to help so many. The same people who showed up to his sentencing begging and pleading and crying to the judge to show some mercy. The judge was clearly remorseful and did understand that junior is a good person and had already turned things around before his conviction. But the judge explained that all he could do if suspend 20 years of the 40 and must give him the 20 mandatory minimum. That the law requires it and there’s nothing he can do to change that. Harford county made a mistake by accusing of him as being a Kingpin.

   He has thrived so much and trying so hard to be so good, and seeing him taken away to prison for so long. His children are completely devastated. I don’t know what I can really do here. I just hope this helps him some how. His children need him. He is not a person that belongs in prison for 20 years and so many stand by him and defend what I am saying.

     We now need to take the next step and ask Governor Hogan to review his case and help in any way he can. It’s all we have left. I’m not asking the governor to just make it all go away, we just can’t sit around and let him spend decades in prison when he didn’t hurt a single person. Every signature for this petition means so much to us and my brothers four children.          Thank you and God bless. 

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