Remove Mayor Catherine Pugh

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The current debacle of Mayor Catherine Pugh has placed Baltimore and Maryland in a state of public ridicule. The play for pay scheme with the Healthy Holly books is a reminder of the level of waste, fraud and corruption which has infested itself within parts of our political establishment. It is time for Mayor Pugh to go!!

The Constitution of Maryland has a simple and effective fix.

Article X!, SEC. 6 reads: The Mayor shall, on conviction in a Court of Law, of wilful neglect of duty, or misbehavior in office, be removed from office by the Governor of the State, and a successor shall thereafter be elected, as in a case of vacancy.

Simply put: The Governor of Maryland has the constitutional authority to remove the Mayor of Baltimore. He just needs the support of the people to do it!!

Mayor Pugh thinks the people of Baltimore and the State of Maryland do not care about corruption.  She thinks we will get over it.  Mayor Pugh believes it is only the elected officials and the business community who wants her to resign.  We MUST prove her wrong!  Sign the petition and SHARE it with your friends and neighbors via your social media networks.  Be part of the solution to FIX BALTIMORE!!

I started this petition because...
I am interested in good government. As a political science faculty member at Towson University, I believe it is our responsibility to educate, inform and help to lead our fellow citizens so they can become self-governing leaders of our communities.