NO MATTAWOMAN POWER PLANT Brandywine Md area (Prince George's & Charles Counties)

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WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!                                           Fossil Fuel is SO Yesterday!  So why build a new plant?                                                               The people have spoken and they have NOT been heard! Environmental Justice NOW!

We must together lift our voices to let our "representatives" know that: The citizens of Brandywine MD and other local communities in both Prince George's and Charles Co. are fighting a HUGE environmental battle right now. It is a fight to keep a decent quality of air and to eliminate the possibility of 24/7 noise pollution that the proposed Mattawoman power plant will bring to the center of their town.

Additionally, there is a pipeline coming to the power plant from Charles County, going right through our precious environmental area at the Cedarville State Forest and park. It can cause disastrous effects to five watersheds of creeks that feed into two rivers. It's at the headwaters for Mattawoman Creek that empties into the Potomac River and nearby Timothy Branch and Piscataway Creeks, as well as Rock Creek, Mattaponi, which empty into the Patuxent River. There is also a fish hatchery that will be affected.

Brandywine is already an environmental sacrificial zone that is burdened with power plants, a coal ash dump, and an EPA Super Fund site. We request that the Maryland Public Service Commission NOT APPROVE Panda's revised application to build Mattawoman Power Plant in the heart of our community!   We also ask strongly as citizens of Brandywine, that the commission also institute a BAN on any additional power plants for the state.