Minorities Matter! Give staff and students off on holidays not recognized by schools!

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Many holidays celebrated by minorities and people of different cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds are not being recognized by schools enough and most school districts in Maryland do not give staff and students off unless the holiday is considered a major holiday and minorities are being brushed aside in regards to their beliefs and holidays.

By signing this petition, we are bringing attention to this matter already! We plan to bring this to the board of education and the Baltimore County executives and will take it to the governor if need be, hoping to have holidays that are not recognized given as a holiday in which students and staff are given off and proving that minorities matter.

I am a Muslim and every year I look forward to two holidays, Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha. Ever since I was a kid, I would dress up, head down to the mosque and spend the day with friends and family. Many times, these days would fall on a school day, and we would therefore be inclined to miss school. As a very studious person, I hated the idea that I was missing school while everyone else was progressing through the lesson. Upon conversing with my colleagues on the matter, they all concur that holidays celebrated by minorities should be celebrated and recognized, rather than forgotten. We need to celebrate our differences so that we can understand one another and become better people and better students overall. #minoritiesmatter