Coronavirus Mortgage and Rent Relief

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 As businesses shut down and patrons leave their homes less frequently, gig economy, tip-based, hourly, and 1099 workers' incomes have begun to suffer greatly from the COVID-19 outbreak. 

     This petition is in order to compel governor Larry Hogan to pass an executive order that will place a moratorium on all rent, mortgage, utilities, and loan payments as well as evictions and foreclosures in the state of Maryland until the national emergency declared over the Coronavirus has been lifted. 

     In the past week businesses, venues, and school districts have shut down, leaving many hourly workers without any source of income. The CDC has recommended gatherings of fifty or more be canceled for the forthcoming eight weeks, which will only further impact workers as it will lead to the closures of many restaurants, bars, and other service industry workplaces. Without a moratorium on rent, mortgage, utilities, and loan payments and if evictions and foreclosures are allowed to continue, many people and families will be impacted financially simply because they what they were asked to prevent the spread of the virus.