Ban No-Knock Warrants in Maryland

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Since Breonna Taylor’s unlawful death happened their has been a lot of outrage. We should also be mad about how the police didn’t announce themselves when they entered the house. We need to ban no-knock warrants in Maryland. They cause countless deaths and injuries, one of them being Breonna Taylor’s. Police serve 20,000 no-knock warrants a year, and dozens of people die because of them. This is not okay. No-knock warrants can also cause heart attacks or other traumatic things to happen to people who aren’t even on the warrant. No-knock warrants give the police the right to be able to come into your home without announcing themselves and shoot you if they “feel the need” or if you were “threatening”. This is terrible and should be banned in Maryland. There are also many officers that have died or gotten injured because of these no-knock warrants. In some cases people have gone to jail for protecting their land/home even though it is their right. These no-knock warrants are dangerous for everyone involved whether they are “guilty” or not.

I am hoping you take a stand and sign this petition. To bring justice for Breonna Taylor and many more innocent people who have died because of these warrants. I beg that Larry Hogan takes this seriously and understands why no-knock arrest need to be banned.