Protect our Pre-K school against sharing a building with a liquor store

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We, the undersigned, are parents, guardians, and neighbors of the pre-kindergarten (pre-K) children of Harlem Gem School, located at 381 Lenox Avenue in New York City. It has recently come to our attention that some businesspeople are attempting to open an establishment (a.k.a. Ruschmeyer’s Wine LLC) to sell alcohol in the same building that houses our pre-K children.

Throughout the history of the State Liquor Authority (SLA), the agency — through many of its rules, regulations, and enforcement policies — has shown an unwavering commitment to the principle that alcohol, children, and children’s education must not mix. We commend the SLA’s commitment and therefore strongly oppose the grant of an SLA license to the establishment. The proximity of the proposed liquor store to a pre-K school would undermine the SLA’s and the State of New York’s longstanding policy of protecting children and their learning environment from avoidable closeness to alcohol and sellers of alcohol.

 Accordingly, we respectfully urge you to deny Ruschmeyer’s application for a license to sell alcohol in the above-named location. We also thank you in advance for your attentive consideration of our concerns.