Uphold Company Ethics

Uphold Company Ethics

February 14, 2020
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Started by Oracle Employees for Ethics

Dear Oracle Leadership, 

We are disappointed that Oracle Founder and CTO Larry Ellison’s support of Donald Trump does not affirm Oracle’s core values of diversity, inclusiveness, and ethical business conduct. 

As Oracle employees, we must hold our leaders accountable for upholding their ethical responsibilities. Ellison's financial support of Donald Trump endangers the well-being of women, immigrants, communities of color, the environment, LGBTQ and trans communities, disabled people, and workers everywhere. Additionally, his alliance with this ignoble and destructive figure damages our company culture as well as our relationships with partners and customers. We ask leadership to join us in standing up against Ellison’s damaging association with the Trump campaign and calling for Larry Ellison to cancel the fundraising event he plans to host at his Coachella Valley California estate on Wednesday, February 19th, 2020. 


Diversity and Inclusion

– There’s been an increase in hate crimes with reports linking the crimes to Trump’s words and actions. Source 

– More and more students are being bullied using Trump’s words and rhetoric. Source

Environmental Responsibility

– Trump plans to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Accord, which aims to reduce carbon pollution. He has also loosened regulations that were put in place to protect our water, air, land, and planet. Source 

Gender Equity

– The Trump administration has consistently sought to prevent the expansion of rights for girls, women and LGBT people Source

Sexual Harassment 

– At least 25 women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct Source 

– Trump has publicly bragged about touching women without their consent. Source 


Integrity / Honesty

– Trump has made 15,413 false or misleading claims since elected. Source


– He also admitted to misusing funds from his children’s charity foundation to bolster his campaign and settle debts Source

– He has shifted $1.7 million from campaign donors into his private business, as of December 2019. Source

Mutual Respect

– Trump continuously belittles citizens and officials. Areas that voted for Trump see increased bullying in schools after 2016 election Source

Anti Corruption and Bribery

– Trump was impeached for withholding funds from Ukraine in exchange for dirt on Hunter Biden. Source

Larry Ellison’s personal implicit endorsement and financial support of Donald Trump not only damages our brand perception and misrepresents the diverse views of our company, but it adversely affects the morale of the individuals and communities who comprise Oracle. We are signing this petition because we want our voices heard and we refuse to be complacent and complicit in Larry Ellison’s support of such a divisive person. 

In Unity,

Oracle Employees for Ethics

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This petition had 9,535 supporters

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