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Responsible Usage of Headphones in the Hallway

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"Music is the heart of the soul." -Anonymous

The freedom of using our phones had been a norm in the Larkin High School hallways ever since I was a freshman. Aside from communicating instantly through texts and sharing what's been going on with their lives with their friends on social media, students would take the opportunity and use their headphones with their personal phones to listen to their own music.

Online statistics show that 21% of North-American teenagers (16-19) use their headphones almost every day; 22% of the same demographic surveyed use their headphones every day. 

To some, headphones have been a vital part of their high school career. Based from personal experience, I am able to do homework, work out, and write essays and arguments (like this one) more effectively with the presence of music.What is the science behind this? Research was conducted and showed that "listening to music can physiologically ease stress and even reduce depressive symptoms." A study in the United Kingdom revealed that "songs can reduce anxiety up to 65 percent." Moreover, studies show that "background music can boost cognitive performance on tasks like academic tests." It also suggests that "upbeat music can help you do well under pressure."  So whether it's getting ready for an in-class essay or the pacer test, music will help lighten our moods. :)

Although many will argue that "headphones also serve to isolate users from their environment," we need to think about this disadvantage in a different perspective. Some students use headphones as an escape—an escape to a crappy start to a day or when they feel down. Part of high school is stress and like eating or watching a movie, listening to music in solitude is one way to adapt with the normal stress that comes as a student. "Research shows that music can elevate your mood and make you happier overall." Listening to our own music and minding our own businesses decreases crowd interaction and would contribute to the school's mission to decrease altercations and physical fights. And as responsible, involved, engaged, and prepared high school royals, we should be responsible and mature enough to be cognizant of our surroundings while wearing headphones.

Personally, I've only used my headphones in the hallways maybe 10 times in my highs school career because I try to be more aware of my surroundings, and I want to be more interactive with people. But when I first heard of the rule, I felt that it was unnecessary, and I empathize to the people who use their headphones every day. And coming from a high school with the music academy, it is almost (or is) counterintuitive to restrict this creative outlet in the hallways. Larkin Administration and Mr. Jamie Crosen, please hear us out. In the almost four years that I am present in this high school, the headphones almost never contributes to any profound problems in the hallways. Students abused this freedom last year as they would bring speakers and blast music in the hallway, and restricting this is more necessary. Thank you.


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