Protect this Black-led organisation fighting to maintain hold on its community centre

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We are a community-based campaign to safeguard and protect The Village HQ CIC (led by New Initiatives Youth and Community Association) in Lambeth, South West London. The site has a rich history of innovative youth and community work and has been a beacon of light for Pan-African activism across the U.K. for over three decades.  

We need your help because after seven years keeping us in limbo, Lambeth Council has arbitrarily decided that our community partnership is void and instead of issuing the lease on the building and the agreed delivery contract, the Council has recently informed the organisation to vacate the site and remove possessions at unreasonably short notice.  

An independent report by organisations, Ubele and Locality, 'A Place To Call Home', has identified that without community buildings, we have limited foundations to build a strong network of self-sustaining, independent and financially viable organisations.

We want the Council to award our organisation the tender for the centre which we rightly won. We want our consortium of organisations to deliver our programme that makes these facilities the basis of a social resource. By doing so, this helps us meet the current and future needs of our community. 

With your help we can reverse this decision to vacate the building and instead deliver a vibrant cultural and educational hub to engage and inspire young people and their community. 


We need your help, please sign and share this petition. For too long now, our community invest enormous time, energy and resource but gets rejected when it comes to the transfer of assets to Black-led community organisations. We need our community spaces now more than ever. Please sign this petition and get in touch to fight this injustice. #ItTakesAVillage

The Village HQ CIC (New Initiatives)

55 Willington Road SW9 9NB

t. 020 7127 6803  e: