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We are tired of waiting, tired of missing out !!! Are you hearing us ??? The mid north coast Nsw desperately needs a SAFE equestrian centre to hold our events. We need safe stables of an ethical and safe size, we need a safe surface to ride on to prevent injury to our beloved horses. We need shade to prevent heat exhaustion. We currently have no where to do this in an ever growing occupation. Our options are currently unethical with under sized broken down stables so small a horse can’t turn around, let alone lay down. We have surfaces which are uneven filled with stones thin underfoot causing serious lameness.
Weather conditions in the mid north coast are from extreme heat to soaking wet. Horse and rider are left either to cancel or risk heat exhaustion and stress, this leaves us the minority in Australia for a safe area to compete and ride to enjoy this active healthy sport and to continue to be competitive on a local and national level. There is a lot of talent on the coast we need to be able to show it.
Horse riders of all disciplines on the mid north coast are in desperate need of safe facilities for our horses and ourselves.
Lets face it we are in the perfect location sitting between Sydney and Brisbane on the main national highway.. we have the ability to attract some major interest in horse enthusiasts, attractions and competitions. This is not just a smart moral decision but a smart business decision to provide us with great, safe facilities.
Please support and SIGN THIS PETITION for the well being of horses and riders of the Mid north coast of NSW