Lock him up and throw away the key! Don’t let this murderer and rapist go free!

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Back in 1990 there was a horrific murder in Valparaiso, Indiana. Three men kidnapped, beat, raped, and shot a White Hen Pantry convenience store clerk. All three of the guilty men were put behind bars, but one of them was released from prison in recent years. The man’s name is Rodney Wood. Rodney has since been charged with another attempted rape, and has a hearing coming up with the judge. Wood pleaded guilty last month to the sexual battery charge. As part of that plea, the attempted rape charge was dropped, and prosecutors are recommending Wood serve 2½ years in the LaPorte County Jail, according to the proposed plea. 

I propose that the plea is a bunch of BS, and that this guy needs to have the book thrown at him. He should not ever be allowed to see the light of day again. He can’t be trusted to be a free member of any community, anywhere. Please sign this petition and let LaPorte County Superior Court Judge Michael Bergerson know that we are all demanding that he be locked up for as long as humanly possible. We don’t want him on the streets. He doesn’t deserve to be on the streets. Enough is enough! 

Here is the article that I read which prompted me to create this petition: