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Help STOP the corruption and illegal activity preformed by the Lapeer City Police Dept.

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I am writing this petition hoping to reach out to my fellow residents of Lapeer County, to make them aware of the intimidating, abusive, sexually explicit, and corrupt actions that are often ignored and pushed under the rug by our very own city police department. 

I am sharing my story, with hopes that others who have been affected by the illegal, and inappropriate actions of the LCPD will speak out, and come forward, so we can end this corruption and abuse before it happens again, to anyone else, and to be sure that those affected by the wrongdoings of these officers can seek comfort knowing that justice was properly served. As a citizen, we should find comfort in our law enforcement agencies. We should find a certain level of safety and a feeling of protection from the officers that have been hired to protect our city, however, for many residents in the City of Lapeer this is not the case. 

Here's a bit of my story. I did leave out some personal details, due to this being a very humiliating incident for me, but elaborated it to the best of my ability. I've decided to speak up, take action, and spread my story to make others aware of the heinous actions of our very own city police department. The same police department that is supposed to protect us, and serve as good role models for our youth. Instead, a noticeable amount of our youth are afraid of these officers due to the intimidation, and harassment they have witnessed from these officers. They are pushing our youth away due to fear, and pushing them in the wrong direction. Something needs to be done, someone needs to speak out. 

I am no longer afraid to stand up for my rights as a citizen, the rights to my body, and I am no longer afraid of the ongoing repercussions and intimidation I have and will encounter during my fight to see justice served to the officers that have exploited me. Yes, you read correctly, I was sexually exploited, and humiliated by 3 male officers of the Lapeer City police department. I was told that I could either remove my jeans and underwear, or they would take me to the jail and forcefully do it. Honestly, I complied with their orders out of fear. I asked if a female officer could be present, and was denied. I asked if I could go into a private room or a bathroom, and was once again denied. I did not feel comfortable undressing in front of 3 men, but I was not given the option to refuse. After some convincing, they removed one hand cuff from my right wrist so I was able to undress myself. 

I then removed my jeans, and underwear with 3 male officers present, and 3 other women in the room that were NOT law enforcement officers. 

I began to feel powerless, embarrassed, and humiliated. I am still struggling with my self worth, almost 3 months later. It really affected me in the worst way possible, I still can't help but wonder why I deserved such humiliating conditions. I was exploited in a public place, not the jail. I was not taken to jail at all, nor did I receive any tickets, however they did repeatedly use jail as a manipulation technique so I would comply with their illegal, and humiliating the back of my head, I can't help but wonder if the roles were reversed, and that was their daughter, mother, wife or sister being sexually exploited beyond their control, would they be okay with that? The same way they were okay with exploiting me? What made me so unworthy of having no rights to my body? 

 Before I was forced to strip, I was also frisked by male officers. I had absolutely no weapons, or anything that could be used to cause harm. This exploitation was avoidable.

Following this incident, the officers let me sit in my vehicle and call for a ride. They would not let me drive my vehicle home, and they wouldn't explain why when I asked, they just insisted if I keep asking, they would just have it sent to an impound lot. I informed them that I would prefer to call a tow truck, instead of leaving my vehicle in an empty parking lot until the following morning, and made him aware that I had the funds to do so. They refused to let me contact a towing company, or park my vehicle. An officer parked my vehicle, and then drove me home. They refused to let me take a taxi to my home, they insisted on driving me to my boyfriends home in Davison, about 20 minutes away from Lapeer, in Genesee county. I was never given an explanation as to why this was done, I was just told to pick up my vehicle the following day. Upon doing so, I made it 15 minutes headed towards my home, and my vehicle started to overheat. This had never happened before, not until that night I was forced to unwillingly leave my vehicle in an empty parking lot with no explanation, the night the officers drove my vehicle without permission. (I was in my vehicle driving when I was pulled over originally, it ran great with no issues. My vehicle has always had regular and routine maintenance and repairs, including a motor put in last year) to this day, I have not been able to drive my vehicle. This seriously affected my income. After a couple months of being regularly checked out, they were able to diagnose a serious problem with my engine. Whether it was a major coincidence, or there was some tampering done to my vehicle that night after I left, is unsure, the last person who drove my vehicle before the problem started was one of the City officer's who had exploited me. I also never gave then permission to do so.. That night I was not arrested, I was not driving under the influence, and I was not given any tickets or citations. 

I had received a recommendation from my attorney to file a formal complaint about this horrendous night. I followed through with his recommendation, and filed the complaint shortly after the incident occurred in late March. On May 31st, I went into the City police department, and asked for a follow up about the complaint I had made. The officer acting as secretary informed me, in a very condescending, disrespectful manner that there was an investigation done on my complaint, and it had been CLEARED by the Sargent. I waited, but he never came out to speak with me. He-or anyone else for that matter, had not contacted me at all during this investigation..if I had not gone in that morning, I would not have known they had done an investigation at all, I had never been contacted about the incident...the incident that humiliated me for months to come..  I was just left in the dark, and left to feel as if I deserved to be humiliated, sexually exploited, and denied rights to my own body. 

I did also contact the Michigan State police Lapeer and Flint post, and the Attorney Generals office. However they were both unable to help, or provide any information as to who I would need to report this to. I'm currently in the process of retaining another lawyer to handle this civil matter against the Lapeer City police department. I do not wish to be compensated for this matter, I would only like to see justice be served to those who abuse their power and authority as a law enforcement officer. Our city will continue to struggle with these issues until we speak up, take action, and defend our rights. I am not the only one, but i am one of the only who was comfortable enough to speak up. I'm no longer afraid to stand up for the rights to my own body, and my rights as an American citizen. 


I hope I can encourage someone to speak up, this can't be done alone. If we want change in our city, we need to be the change, we need to take action.  If you have ever felt harassed, exploited, intimidated, threatened, or as if a Lapeer City Officer has violated your, or a loved one's rights, please, I'm begging you to speak up. This vicious cycle will continue as long as we let it. Please help us serve justice to those whom have hurt us, please help us victims find comfort in knowing that we will not allow this to happen.

 Thank you for your time on hearing out this matter. Please, no negativity. If you do not agree, or see eye to eye with this cause, then please don't say anything at all.


















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