December 3, 2019
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Started by Cc Drake

This is a beautiful home that has a long history of the Bristol family that owned it. It is now up for sale and rezoned for commercial use. If this property gets sold for commercial use, chances are it will get torn down. There are two lots there together. This property is one of the oldest still-preserved land grants in Lapeer County and is held by the Bristol family. On April 4, 1833 President Andrew Jackson granted to Bazaleel (sometimes spell Bezaleel) Bristol 80 acres in Section 33 south of Almont village. The Bristol family had become one of the largest fruit growers in the area over the years. As early as 1891 George Bristol raised 150 bushels of fine peaches, and in the many decades George and O. S. Bristol expanded greatly. Under succeeding
generations fruits, particularly apples, had become a great commercial enterprise,
with much of the land south of Almont village under fruit cultivation. Oliver Bristol was chief justice of the peace, and administered the judicial affairs of the town with due rigor and impartiality.

Now it is in danger of being torn down and as mentioned above, because it is now rezoned for commercial use which means it will be torn down and probably put new housing up or another strip mall because we really need another strip mall. Please help to save this house and history from being destroyed by greedy Developers.

Here are the links to other info on the history of Oliver Bristol. Died 1853 in Lapeer, Michigan, United States 

His tombstone: Cemetery: Hough Cemetery
Name: Oliver S Bristol, 1857-1912. Date Of Photograph: June 22, 2012, Photo can be seen at:






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Signatures: 99Next Goal: 100
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