Justice for Joslyn, Jaslene, and Eden.

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In the early morning of August 17th, Joslyn, Jaslene, and Eden, were physically assaulted and robbed in Hollywood, California. There are a series of videos that have been posted and suddenly taken down by the very same men that attacked them, where they are seen assaulting, robbing, and humiliating the three women. Joslyn, Jaslene, and Eden are trans women of color. A crowbar, a bottle, and even a bike were amongst some of the objects that were used to threaten and hurt the women. The bottle was broken onto Jaslene’s head in which briefly knocked her unconscious. The girls begged for bystanders to call the police, more so when one of the girls was momentarily unresponsive, but all people did was record them on the ground and laugh at them. In a very divisive world, especially in today's social climate, let us not forget about the trans community, for they have the dimmest voices as they are not amplified enough and are often excluded. Please sign this petition and help me demand justice for JoslynFlawless, Jaslene WhiteRose, and Eden The Doll. On behalf of all of the loved ones of Joslyn, Jaslene, and Eden, we demand this justice. All of the men involved and responsible for these inhumane acts of violence must be arrested, interrogated, and charged for assault, robbery, and attempted murder. Violence against all women should not be tolerated. 

UPDATE*** After a suspenseful investigation, the outcome of the incident was that the men were released on bail and the charges have been dropped. Joslyn, Jaslene, & Eden spoke with the D.A over the phone where he explained to them that they would have to review the evidence once again to further the investigation. A completely unnecessary and poor excuse to force accountability onto the men who attacked 3 Trans Women in Hollywood.