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Stop LANTA Bus from discriminatory practices: and HELP not HURT those that rely on LANTA

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Taken straight from a post from just one of MANY community members trying to help Andy Weaver (Thank you Ms Eileen Gromlowicz)

" i hope you all enjoyed your day off. Today however, our friend , and COMMUNITY friend, Andy Weaver, was scheduled to be transported by LANTA Van from his home to a specific ball field for his coaching job. The game location was switched literally 5 minutes away and LANTA service refused to accommodate the change. "

This is just one example of many where Andy has been mistreated! There are countless other instances where he is being hung up on, not picked up, and the list goes on....

"Several people have called LANTA on Mr Weavers behalf to try and rectify this situation, most often resulting in him being hung up on! Andy can speak if you take the time to understand him!! Regardless, others have called to speak for him and have been hung up on as well. Representative Joe Emrick 's office has been notified. WFMZ also has been notified.

" A few months back LANTA Van decided they would only take reservation via phone and then hung up on Andy every time he called. Representative Emrick was called in and pointed out that there was discrimination against the disabled occurring and LANTA Van then decided that they would allow Andy Weaver to email his reservations in advance as he has done for quite sometime. Recently, the person who receives those emails has been on leave. In her absence he was required to call and would be hung up on. This is getting out of hand. Hanging up on Andy and hanging up on people advocating for him is not acceptable. Copious notes have been kept recording dates/times and phone operators. This behavior coupled with some of your driver's behaviors lately are not acceptable."

Andy is a pillar of our community, and sadly he relies on Lanta and others to help him get to the MANY events he VOLUNTEERS his time supporting! Please help US STOP LANTA from the negative treatment of Andy and others who need LANTA services (county services!!) to reach their destinations. Please join the Nazareth community in forcing LANTA into providing Mr Weaver CONSTANT access to REASONSABLE accommodations so he can continue to volunteer and support our communities. 


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