Lansdale Black Lives Matter Mural

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This petition is to have BLACK LIVES MATTER painted on the Liberty Bell Trail outside the Borough Hall Building along Railroad Street. 

Join us in spreading awareness and show your support for this grassroots movement looking to keep Lansdale in motion! Systematic change is demanded and there is no place more appropriate than outside the building that has shaped our community's policies for so long. Let us continue to come together and lead by example as a community while this world seeks healing and change. We are working in conjunction with the Lansdale Borough Council to make this project a reality. Together we can get this done right and in a peaceful and appropriate manner. 

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If you are a Lansdale Borough Resident, please click here to sign the PETITION FOR LANSDALE BOROUGH RESIDENTS ONLY. Thank you for your support! 


  • We are organizing in conjunction with the Lansdale Borough to have “BLACK LIVES MATTER” painted on the Liberty Bell Trail outside the Borough building along Railroad Street
  • We are dedicated to bringing Lansdale together by showing our solidarity and support for the systematic change being called for across the country
  • We need to acknowledge together that racism is a systemic problem affecting individuals throughout every community 
  • We believe in sending a strong and clear message to, from, and with the Borough that we are all committed to the fight against racism, injustice, and police brutality
  • We need to acknowledge and validate the experiences of our community by acknowledging and addressing these issues head on


“The call for systematic change around this country affects us all. For Lansdale Borough residents, that starts at the Borough Hall. That is the building that has shaped law and policy in this borough for all these years. If change is going to happen, that is where this message needs to be directed.”
-Anthony Simpson, Project Organizer

  • This mural is a symbolic gesture and message of solidarity to, from, and with the Borough  


  • The purpose of this Project is to signify unity, solidarity, inclusivity, and equality and to bring the community together
  • This mural is a statement of inclusivity that reflects the diverse attitudes and experiences of our community
  • This is a tribute to Lansdale’s legacy that will create a lasting message about our community’s dedication to achieving equality and justice
  • It will set a positive example for current and future generations and instill the importance of recognizing, accepting, respecting, and celebrating differences