Petition update

Unable to circulate - 2

Robert Frank
Albuquerque, NM

Jul 2, 2012 — I have asked others to assist me in circulating the petition but have received very little help. One person chose to run out on me in the middle of posting the petition; she figured that getting justice for Caylee just wasn't important enough to bother her with posting the petition where I was unable to.

If people want to get this done, I need help circulating the petition. If you see a news article where a Facebook account is required to post in the comments section, please post the link to the petition there. Because I no longer have a Facebook account, I cannot do this.

The fate of the petition is largely contingent on whether or not the petition is circulated. If people are signing it, then I know people are circulating it. If people are not signing it, then I know that people don't care enough about it to circulate it.


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