Language Education in the Time of COVID-19

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Thank You for Signing-America's Languages Update

Thank you for signing the America’s Languages Working Group petition, “Language Education in the Time of COVID-19.” The petition calls for new “COVID-related as well as long-term funding to foster communication, connection, and collaboration for language education and services for children and adults in disadvantaged rural, inner city, Native American, immigrant, heritage and American Sign Language communities.”

Since we posted the petition, we have learned that Senator Brian Schatz (D-Hawai’i) is advocating for the inclusion of a provision in the next federal coronavirus relief bill to establish a Native American Language Resource Center to support Native American language education schools and programs hit hard by COVID-19 impacts. The Center would promote best practices in Native American language education; provide outreach to students and families; acquisition of distance learning technologies and training for parents, students, teachers and learning support staff; compile digital libraries and curate other online resources in target Native American languages; develop distance learning curricula appropriate for Preschool to PhD levels, pedagogical training for teachers, and other efforts necessary to continue Native American language acquisition among American Indian. Alaskan Native, and Native Hawaiian communities.

This is the kind of initiative the Working Group envisioned, and we hope to see more such proposals to support all of America’s Languages in the near future.

Please continue to share our petition with your friends and colleagues, and thank you once again for your interest.

America's Languages Working Group
1 year ago