Should Langar be served in Traditional manner in this modern world?

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The issue of serving and partaking Langar in traditional manner (i.e. Sangat sitting on floor and volunteers serving it) has stirred a controversy between the Austral Gurudwara Sahib (Australia) committee and the Sangat.

The purpose of this petition is to get consensus of Sangat that they are in favour of the following outcome:

1. Freedom of choice to sit on the floor (in the form of pangat) along with Sangat sitting on chairs in main Langar hall and be served Langar by sevadars (volunteers).
2. Langar not to be served and partaken with shoes on.
3. Langar not be served or partaken with uncovered head.

The outcome of petition will help the Sangat in convincing the Austral Gurudwara committee to follow Sikh Maryada and respect Sangat's feelings on how Langar should served and partaken.