Stop SREP30 amendments & Hold Lendlease to honour Creating Local Jobs, not more congestion

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NSW Government to reject Lendlease’s SREP 30 amendments for another 500 houses, Reneging on their obligations of creating Promised Guaranteed Local Employment.

We want the promised jobs not another 500 houses and traffic congestion

The NSW Government is on the verge of scrapping a promised 38.4 hectare employment zone/area within Jordan Springs East (The Central Precinct) at the former ADI Site between Penrith and St Marys that will gift developer Lendlease another 500 housing lots on top of the 1400 additional lots already approved for the Central Precinct. Originally only 970 lots were to be built. This rezoning could net Lendlease $200 million in revenue.

When Lendlease was given the Go Ahead to build out this Site, they were to create jobs on a 1:1 Basis for every house built.
ie: 1 Job created for Every House built.

If this change to SREP30 is approved, this will drop to 0.4:1 Jobs being created for every house built, a 60% decrease in new local employment opportunities for local residents.

Local residents don’t want another 500 houses and all the traffic congestion that comes with this unnecessary population growth as Penrith is already an overdeveloped and congested mess. We want the NSW Government to keep the employment zone and deliver on its long standing promise to the people of western Sydney that the ADI Site development would create over 5300 permanent local jobs. We want the NSW Government to put locals and jobs ahead of Lendleases profit.  

We are dismayed that local Labor politicians appear supportive of Lendleases mass housing rezoning plan. Politicians must realise that once this employment land is covered in housing you won’t get it back for ongoing jobs. The recent announcement by the NSW Government that the Outer Sydney Orbital is to go through the ADI Site now makes this land perfect for job creation.

Good urban planning seeks to cut traffic congestion by providing jobs where people live. This amendment to SREP 30 removes local employment opportunities and is the opposite of good urban planning and appears just to be a favour to a big developer. Permanent jobs should be the number one priority of the NSW Government not facilitating urban sprawl.

We seek your support to sign this petition calling on the NSW Government to reject the SREP 30 amendments put forward by Lendlease and that they keep their promise and commitment to local residents that 5300 permanent jobs would be created.  

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I oppose Lendlease's proposed amendment to SREP 30 to have the employment zoning changed to urban. Our local area needs the jobs and employment lands not more housing and associated traffic congestion.

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