Come Together and Change Lane's Mascot

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Come Together and Change Lane For the Better

For over 100 years, Lane Tech has used the image of an "Indian" as its mascot. At the time of its founding, these such images were common in pop culture and media. However, the use of these symbols must come to an end.

The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) has expressed that the use of the "Indian" as a sports mascot has "very real consequences for native people. Specifically, rather than honoring Native peoples, these caricatures and stereotypes are harmful, perpetuate negative stereotypes of America's first peoples, and contribute to a disregard for the personhood of Native peoples." Since 1968, NCAI has been working tirelessly to put an end to the use of these symbols in media and pop culture. Much progress has been made in this area. In fact, In 2005 the NCAA established a policy to remove harmful "Indian" mascots from college sports teams. Sadly, none of this progress has been made at Lane Tech.

We all want to show our pride in being Lane Tech students by proudly wearing our school apparel in public, but it is difficult to proudly wear apparel that is synonymous with the use of offensive and antiquated stereotypes. We as Lane Tech students feel that it is long overdue to see a change in our mascot. Lane Tech boasts that it is a school that promotes “Kindness, Empathy, and Respect.” There is nothing kind, empathetic, or respectful about the use of our current mascot.

Please join us in coming together to change Lane for the better.


Avaani Julka, Julia Guereca, Ethan Ashmore, Max Fischer, Olivia Crame, Laila Miranda, and Maxwell Jenkins