Keep Bash Zidan as our swim coach at Lane Cove Aquatic Centre

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A new agreement between the Lane Cove Swimming Club (LCSC) and BlueFit - commercial operators of the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre, has resulted in BlueFit signalling the end of the ability of Hunters Hill Swim Club and its coach Bash Zidan to operate out of Lane Cove Aquatic Center.

Over the past 18 years Bash has been a support and at times, an auxiliary to the LCSC coaching fraternity when they have asked for his help. We understand the new agreement will mean that Bash will have to leave and so both HHSC and LCSC will lose access to a valuable coach who has helped many swimmers to national and international levels.

 We seek your help and support to ensure we keep Bash at the pool, retaining the services of the only loyal and dedicated Gold level coach we already have on deck, every day at the pool.