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Petitioning County commissioners Lane county, Oregon and 5 others

Lane county, Oregon: Fix ricketts rd from flooding, save lives!

People and animals live on this dead end public county road, that floods every time there is an inch of rain (already 6 times this year). It is dangerous as well as illegal. Emergency vehicles do not have access and residents are often stranded. This is not only a safety issue to the people and animals on the road, but a huge inconvenience when you can't get to work. It's a public county road and it needs to be fixed! Or the county should provide alternate access through locked easements during flooding. 

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County commissioners Lane county, Oregon
county commissioners Lane county, Oregon
County commissioners lane county, Oregon
and 3 others
County commissioners Lane county, Oregon
County commissioners Lane county, Oregon
Head engineer Lane county, Oregon
Fix ricketts rd from flooding, save lives!

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